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Kevin Flaherty​

Energy &Natural Resources

  • Founder of Savitar Exploration, Myanmar.

  • Co-founder of Indochina Energy Partners.

  • Co-founder, CFO and Director of Tiberon Minerals, a Vietnam mining exploration company, exited on a $270million takeover.

  • Co-founder and Director of Keeper Resources, a Vietnam oil & gas company, exited on a $60million takeover.

  • Founding shareholder and former director of Hong Kong-listed Sunshine Oil Sands.​

  • Deputy General Director at various landmark projects in Vietnam, including the Legend Hotel, Saigon Riverside Office Building, Hai Thanh Kotobuki, Fei-Yei, Dat Viet.

  • Director of Canadian Foresight Group Ltd., a Myanmar oil and gas company.​

  • Canadian citizen.​​

Kevin Flaherty​
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